Monday, November 19, 2012

harvest 2012.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend Sydney's Harvest Festival held at Parramatta Park. This was the first festival I have attended other than Soundwave, and let's just say the vibe and crowd were VERY different. It was odd not to see big, hairy, long haired, sweaty blokes, everyone dressed in black or death pits, but in a very good way! (Let's just say being tiny does not work well with the first and last thing...) It was also fantastic to see all the different and exciting acts and decorations, and of course, the fashion!

As Reen (Bright Green Laces) and I walked through the gates we were greeted by a unicorn handing out maps and timetables, giant sunflowers and the huge Harvest sign, where we couldn't help but take plenty of photos in front of! As we explored further we stumbled across the Lipton Tea stand serving their latest refreshing mocktail flavours: pina colada and mojito (I had the pina colada - it was amazing! Note to self: must buy next time in Woolies!). Did I mention they also had a photobooth and were handing out crazy yellow glasses?

After having a few snaps taken in the photobooth, which mind you didn't warn you when a photo was being taken so Reen and I just looked stunned, we found a few market stalls seeing cute floral headbands and bracelets, and crazy onesies like the one the unicorn was wearing. I couldn't help but buy myself a floral bracelet as a memento from Tiara by Nina (which was only $10!).

We continued to walk around for a bit, taking photos of all the wonderful decorations before settling down at the 'Campfire' for some comedy action. After a few stifled laughter we moved over to the 'Windmill' for the remaining of the evening to watch Ben Folds Five, Grizzly Bear & Santigold play - read my blurb on them under each of their photos!

Oh and did I mention this was the first time I got to rock it up at the very front! There's a first for everything :)

A huge thank you the The Cassette Society for decking me out in their gear and sponsoring my trip to Harvest!
Want to see what I wore to Harvest? Have a peak over here!

Images taken by Reen and myself.

Aprilia Love rocking The Cassette Society's 'Buzzed Eagle' tank and Melissa from Flourished & Sunkissed
 The hilarious comedian (which I didn't get the name of - if you know who he is, let me know!) who did perfect dance renditions of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love", "Single Ladies" and LMFAO's "Everyday I'm Shufflin'"

After 13 years Ben Folds Five finally toured Australia again, and I'm SO glad I got to see them play! They played perfectly, like I was listening to their record, but with so much more energy that you knew you were experiencing something special. I love their use of clashing notes, almost like it was an accident, that someone had smashed that hand down on a piano and called it a day, but the clash of notes work so beautifully you know it's intentional.
The first track I ever heard by Ben Folds Five was 'Erase Me' from their latest record, which, much to my excitement they, played live. It was also fantastic to see the bassist pull out his double bass for a few of the tracks - I love seeing traditional instruments used!

I fell in love with the Grizzly Bear the moment I heard their latest album. What I love about seeing live shows is seeing how they manage their effects, especially with bands who have quirky sounds in their tracks. Bands like the Grizzly Bear were the kind of bands that threw me off during my aural exams in music because of the peculiarity of the sounds which are ALWAYS produced in a way you would never expect. So when I saw these lovely boys play using audio effect pedals on their vocals and on the bassist saxophone and clarinet alongside multiple different keyboards and synths I was blown away. I could NEVER have picked how those noises were made, and now having seen them switch between various instruments with ease (watching the bassist swiftly unclipping his sax only to immediately pick up his bass to play again was insane!) I have a ever-growing respect for musicians who create such intriguing music and manage to play it spectacularly live!

Let's just start with this - Santigold made my night. Don't get me wrong I was blown away by Ben Folds Five and Grizzly Bear but Santigold put on a show. The two amazing dancers, who left me with my jaw on the ground, was only the start of the amazing-ness that was Santigold's set. She just performs with so much energy I couldn't stop myself from dancing in the pit (something I rarely, if ever, do!). She had three amazing costume changes, all of which were fabulously crazy, and done so seamlessly you would only notice after she was back on stage in a new costume (with many thanks to the fabulous dancers, of course!). After several tracks she invited people from the crowd to join her on stage to dance with her. The guy photographed above with Sanigold was definitely a highlight of this - he was hilarious, but also a very good dancer drawing the attention to himself for the most part of that song.



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