Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Not so recently was my 21st birthday. Here are all the lovely gifts I got from my fabulous friends and family. Thank you all for everything! And yes, I did get a fair bit ticked off my birthday wishlist, until next year to tick off the rest :P

All images from @lpmmags Instagram.

Birthday cards: Cute girl from boyfriend's cousin, pink card from brother's friend, ice-cream card from my two highschool friends & Hogarts Acceptance letter from Reen (Bright Green Laces)
The Hogarts Acceptance letter has a front page, list of equipment required and explanation why it wasn't delivered by owl, due to tightening of mailing service so had to be sent via muggle post :)
Birthday gift to myself: a Sterling & Hyde "Robin" tote in Tan

Gift from my co-worker: Miss Shop coloured tan tote

Gift from my boyfriend: Vintage Polaroid 1000 Land Camera with flash and bag

Gift from my best friend: Pandora peal drop necklace

Gift from my little brother: Roc 'Territory' Boots

Gift from my little cousin: C Coconut Water

Gift from two of my highschool friends: Diptyque set of 3 candles - fig, berries, rose

Gift from my new family (my boyfriend's family): Mirror printed lace jewellery box

Gift from my brother's friend: He bought this wine for my because it's from Margaret River - very cute!

Gift from Reen (Bright Green Laces) & Nat (Lucy & The Runaways): Asos clutch and AWear blouse. I had to guess who bought what - clutch was from Reen and blouse was from Nat - I guessed right ;) I know their styles enough to guess ;)

- margaret


  1. oh my gosh! That hogwarts acceptance letter! I've been waiting for one ever since my 11th birthday

    x karen

    1. Same here! The books came out when I was 10 so I was really hoping to get one for my 11th birthday - 10years delay is ok. Oh Muggle post, so much slower than owl post!


  2. What great gifts! The Hogwarts letter is awesome! :)


  3. Do you know where the jewellery box was from? did it come in branded packaging or anything?
    many thanks


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