Friday, November 9, 2012


Last night I was invited to live out my dream of being a cocktail bartender for the night in an intimate Frangelico masterclass led by brand ambassador Oliver Stuart at Mrs. Sippy in Double Bay. With my (lack of) hand-eye co-ordination, inability to follow recipes, pathetic ability at guessing quantities (but in bartending nobody is going to complain if you pour too much...) it was a night full of hilarious moments.

Throughout the intimate masterclass there were many jokes made, and with every drink the jokes only felt funnier. We worked through six different cocktails starting off with the classic Frangelico Lime & Soda, Spiced Apple Highball, Hazelnut Espresso Martini (where we were told 'the harder you shake, the better the head'...), Hazelnut Fresca, East West Iced Tea, and Sparkling Italian Punch.

My favourite drink of the night had to be the Spiced Apple Highball - but all these recipes will be coming soon to my food blog so keep your eyes peel on Baking With Maggie as every Wednesday a new recipe will be released to get you through your hump day ;)

For those who don't know, Frangelico is a clear spirit that is a infused mixture of hazelnut, vanilla and cocoa bean. The only time (prior to last night) that I had encountered Frangelico was in my favourite cocktail the Toblerone. However, after learning much more about the product, like how it's got less calories than vodka, I'm much more enticed by it!

I don't think I've ever pulled so many silly faces, but as typical me, I managed to make many mistakes throughout the night (which only got worse as the drinks kept flowing). Regarding my outfit, more about my fabulous new love the denim Asos oversized boyfriend jacket very soon ;)

A huge thank you for Trish Nicol PR for inviting me to this invite. Loved the hands-on element of this event, something I've never experienced! Always good to be able to play around with a product!

Images courtesy of Simon Food Favourites

 Brand Ambassador, Oliver Stuart making Frangelico Lime & Soda and teaching us to squeeze the lime and stir for best results!
 Ex-Masterchef contestant Alvin Quad pouring like a boss!
 My partner in crime Shereen (Bright Green Laces) shake-shake-shaking!
 My team: Hui (Daily Addict), Shereen (Bright Green Laces) and myself.
 Natasa (Secret Diaries of a Tall Girl) & Phoebe (Diaries of Bella) are the type of bartenders you want, the type that pour too much ;)

Images courtesy of Trish Nicol PR

Making silly faces as I shake
Image courtesy of Pixelhazard Instagram

Oversized Boyfriend Denim Jacket: Asos
Derby Day Strapless Dress: St Frock
Territory Boots: Roc

Photos taken by Shereen (Bright Green Laces)
- margaret

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