Sunday, November 11, 2012

dress like alexa chung.

Seeing as my Dress Like Jess post went down so well, I think I'm going to make this a monthly feature! You can even recommend a celebrity for me to do an inspiration board on! Regardless, this month I decided to go back to the first fashion muse on this blog, Alexa Chung. I ranted about how much I love her style, and now I'm going to find pieces inspired by this gorgeous girl's style from that original post.
This look is perfect for the current bipolar semi-warm-semi-cold Sydney weather - the long sleeve lace top and a pair of shorts. The lace makes wearing denim shorts look so elegant! I'm definitely going to try pull something like this off this season!
All tops from Asos: L-R
All shorts from One Teaspoon: L-R

I love the buttoned-up collar under jumper look, it was something I did religiously throughout autumn/winter! However, as winter drew to a close in Australia the double collar look started sprouting, something I'm going to try next season! I also loved the draped tulip style skirt, and as always, Asos had something that hit the mark!

I absolutely loved this look when I was browsing for images of Alexa for my initial post on her. It's so simple but elegant, something she does with such ease it makes me jealous! I must've had this look subconsciously in mind when curating my online boutique because these two pieces are perfect for building this exact look!
Skirt: 'Sasha' Floral Skirt from La Petite Mademoiselle


  1. i love her too! I like the first look of hers, gotta find something lacy and pair it with a high waist bottom! Love this feature ;)

  2. Love the lace top in the middle from asos, on the first row.

    Really like your Sasha floral skirt too :)


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