Tuesday, October 9, 2012

third quarter of 2012.

Another three months have flown by and we're not into our final quarter of 2012 - how insane is that! These last three months has seen more food than any other, but that could be because I've started a new food blog - Baking With Maggie. Some of the best moments of this third quarter included my 21st birthday, tonnes of baked goods made by yours truly and a ridiculously huge amounts of online shopping.

For those wanting to find out more about the original idea of this whole project read up on it HERE.
Find out what the first quarter and second quarter of 2012 was like.
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1. Waffles with chocolate, strawberries & banana from Max Brenner for breakfast with Laura (Wrinkle In Time Vintage)
2. My Disney Ingersoll watch gifted from AMPR
3. My boyfriend surprised me with homemade spaghetti for dinner one night
4. Shoot for San Pellegrino - read my post about it here
5. My ASOS Prior Heels :)
6. Deep Fried Ice-Cream from The Shark Hotel, Sydney
7. My Noggi loyalty card - read my review about it here
8. My awesome Mink Pink Meow Tank from Market HQ
9. Vintage Polaroid 1000 Land Camera from my boyfriend for my birthday :)

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  1. love the asos heels, been eyeing them off in my saved items list for awhile :)



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