Monday, October 8, 2012

dress like jess - aka zooey deschanel.

To celebrate the launch of New Girl on DVD, and to indulge my love for Zooey/Jess's style I decided I'd try a "Dress Like Jess" post. Below are some images from New Girl and my suggestions on how to draw inspiration from her style from pieces currently available to purchase at various online boutiques.

I loved the buttons on the dress Jess/Zooey is wearing in this shot. I also loved the modest neckline, so these dresses draw inspiration from those two elements.

I loved the simplicity of this look, a metallic dress, red belt and a gorgeous headband (she paired this with a pair of blue flats).
Dress: 'Jacquard' from Sportsgirl
Belt 1: Thin Bow Belt from Colette
Belt 2: Bow Belt with Metal Plate from ASOS
Headband 1: Little Rose Hair Wreath from KisforKani
Headband 2: 'Vintage Glam' from Diva
Headband 3: 'Floral Beaded' from Diva

This is my absolute favourite outfit from the show. I'm still trying to track down a dress like this one, and it's harder than I thought. The ASOS dress is very similar, but it's not a wrap up but I guess you can always tie a red sash?
If you know where I can find one like this, or the exact, PLEASE tell me! I'll bake you a cake!
Dress 1: Skater Dress with Ballet Wrap from ASOS
Dress 2: Ribbed V Front Skater from Topshop
Dress 3: 'Berry On Top' from Modcloth
Bag: 'Brooke' Round Quilt Sling from Sportsgirl
Flats: 'Simba' by Siren from The Iconic

- margaret


  1. Love dress 1 in the first set of dresses!

    The photo of Jess at the end with that pose just made me giggle too :)

    1. hahaha I loved that picture of her, couldn't help but use it for that outfit!


  2. Great post! haha I swear I think one of the main reasons I watch New Girl is for Zooey/Jess' outfits. You should check out (what would zooey deschanel wear). I think you'll find this website to be interesting :) They track down where the outfits of each episode come from (to the best of their ability) and if they can't find an exact match, they'll post something similar. I've lusted after so many of her clothes, so this website is both a blessing and a curse because most of her clothes are rid-onk-ulous-ly over my budget, how Jess manages her school teacher salary is a mystery to me. Luckily, I can claim that I have the same red dress as Jess in the opening sequences :D

    1. Yeah I found that post for my last blog post on Zooey's style!

      I love watching it to see what she wears too, and I'll know if I haven't seen an episode just by what she's wearing!

      *sigh* semi unrealistic wardrobe for a school teacher, but perhaps we can take that as hope for us highschool/uni students??



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