Wednesday, October 17, 2012

deshabillé x pink hope.

Deshabillé recently joined forces with Pink Hope to raise awareness of breast cancer during October's national breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer has always been an issue close to my heart having seen so many people in my life being affected by it. It is also something I worry myself or someone close to me might get without knowing.

Deshabillé was formed in 2006 by Roslyn Gleave and is based in Sydney. Their philosophy is that 'everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful during their home time', something I seem to neglect. I have a tendency to stay in my jammies if I know I don't have to go out, but most of my jammies consist of an old baggy t-shirt but now I have a cute new set of jammies, courtesy of Deshabillé, expect me collecting mail in something cuter ;) They do winter and summer styles of jammies and loungewear (which honestly can be passed as normal wear!), to have you covered all year round!

Pink Hope is a wonderful foundation founded by Krystal Barter, a carrier of the gene mutation for breast cancer. She started this foundation to raise awareness of the issues surrounding breast cancer, and to provide support to those affected by it. I've always wanted my boutique to support this great cause, and hopefully one day very soon we'll have that set up!

If you're up for supporting a great cause, and want to do it in style, head over to Deshabillé where 50% of sales on the Pink Hope collection goes towards this fantastic foundation. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Thank you to Portobello PR for inviting me to this lovely event, and thank you to The Village for the amazing food!

 Roslyn Gleave, founder of Deshabillé
Natalie Leung of Lucy & The Runaways
Gorgeous flowes by Kavelle Flowers
Photo taken by Natalie Leung
- margaret

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  1. The food looks delicious! Great event and fantastic cause for the company to support :)


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