Friday, October 5, 2012

a little stud in a sea of blue.

The best thing about spring is the ability to shift back into warmer wear such as t-shirts and crop tops while harmoniously balancing it maxi skirts.

When I first shopped for this skirt I was split between cobalt and black, so I turned to my rather un-fashionable boyfriend (don't know why I did this..) and asked which I should get. Now I love the striking cobalt but you can't go past the classic black, right? Well I'm so very glad I asked him and he told me to go for the cobalt because I absolutely love it! Considering I have so many black tops, the cobalt works wonders for my dark wardrobe. Also, the recent windy weather makes wearing maxi skirts fun - whoosh! Let's just say in the last week I've worn this skirt more times than not.

Headband: Shop With Romi
Crop Top: Market HQ
Maxi Skirt: Romwe
Flats: Tony Bianco
- margaret


  1. Ok so the last pic is deffo my fave & so you but damn I want all your skirts now grrr! This one is so pretty & in one of my fave colours!

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. Hahaha the last is my favourite too - my first silly photo on my otherwise "sophisticated" blog. Now people know how silly I really am....


  2. love the crop top and that colour looks so awesome on you!


  3. What a beautiful mazi skirt! The cobalt blue is definitely a great colour to have picked, it really pops against black :)

    That last pic is so fun too :)

  4. Awesome outfit! I love the skirt!


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