Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the robin by sterling & hyde.

I first heard of Sterling & Hyde at the Park Ave Blogger Breakfast where I oogled at their stunning bags. However it was on my bouts of procrastination and dire need (need, not want) for another handbag that I took a browse of their website. I knew they did custom bags where you choose the shape, material and colour of each component but as I continued to browse I stumbled across this beauty - the Robin. It was love at first sight. However I'm split between the black or the tan. Which would you prefer?

I'm considering getting this as a birthday gift to myself, but I don't know if I can justify the $269.95. I don't like buying myself things, especially expensive things...
Image courtesy of Sterling & Hyde
- margaret

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  1. Very worth it! It's a bag, it's leather and it's custom made. That totally justifies the cost. And think about how often you'll wear it! It's practically free.

    #shitfashionistassay #butseriouslymags #justbuyit


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