Tuesday, September 25, 2012

leather for san pellegrino.

A little while back I was asked by an old highschool friend of mine to work with her for her entry into the San Pellegrino Cafe Society competition. With much excitement we quickly organised a location and I styled to my heart's content. This was the first time I did a "real" photoshoot with planned lighting, location and photographer! It was odd having passer-bys stop and watch but after a while I got use to it, and being in heels on a table..

Thanks to Three Beans in Sydney Westfield for the location and Alice Ho for the gorgeous photography :)

Leather Trim Top: Mojomade for Azuki
Leather Midi Skirt: Vintage via eBay
Mary Jane Heels: Forever 21

-Hanging Clothing-
White Dress: Vintage via Glebe Markets
Peach Skirt: Her Pony
Floral Midi Skirt: Vintage via Dear Pluto
Mint Dress: Zara

- margaret


  1. What a fun set of photos! :)

    Hope your friend does well in the competition! :)


  2. Amazing photos Marg! Good luck to you and your friend!



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