Wednesday, September 12, 2012

interview: lucy & the runaways.

Natalie from Lucy & The Runaways

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Hi I'm Natalie Leung and I blog here in Sydney for Lucy and The Runaways. My blog is not just about fashion, but about my stories of my escapes while I live my life in Sydney. I love the romantic notion of escape, freedom and 'running away' so I like to use my photos as a way of portraying just that. 

How did you first get into fashion and blogging?
I started off studying Fashion Design for three years, then moving into Fashion Buying for 2 years. The Fashion industry (well that side of it) really made me miserable and I found I was suffocating not being able to express myself creatively. When I first stumbled onto Rumi's FashionToast, I found she looked as if she possessed total freedom. And I wanted just that. So I started my own blog, and through plenty of trial and error,  I was able to build it up to what it is today - the epitome of escape and freedom.

Where are some of your favourite places to shop?
I love going to the markets - Bondi, Glebe, Finders Keepers, or Melbourne Markets.  These are more for cute accessories like earrings or bracelets, I love those sort of knick knacks. When it comes to fashion, I actually love online shopping because I like to use their campaigns as references or inspiration for dressing. Asos, Topshop, Beginning Boutique, Wild Fox, and General pants. Plus I really love the sound of the doorbell and waking up to finding out I have packages at my front door.

Which bloggers do you look up to and why?
I like and respect bloggers who understand their influence and who have a real passion for it. I love Rumi Neely, Bee from Atlantic Pacific, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, Connie from K is for Kani, Margaret from Shine by Three, Jess from Jess loves Fred, Morgan from Mojomade, Sheryl from Walk in Wonderland. And seriously, of course all of my local Sydney bloggers, all of you inspire me, but I will not list them all here. There is a list of at least 20.  Meeting local bloggers in real life really ignites the inner fire in me to keep blogging, and hearing kind words from them over a drink or dinner really makes me feel as though I am part of a real community.

Annora from Nora Finds wants to know: If you could be transported to another era in history, what would it be and why?
I would love to be transported back into the era of bubblegum 50's. Think Grease. I would love to do 50's pin up hair style and wear scarves around my neck, and wear a 50's style babydoll full circle skirt. I want to listen to The Platters, Elvis Presley and swoon over those big band performances. And I would have loved to do something simple, heading down to the diner and snack on burgers and milkshakes, then heading to the beach to sit under a big umbrella wearing amazing cat eye sunglasses.

What should we ask the next interviewee?
If you were planning your next escape from your life, where would you go, who would you bring, and what would you bring. And why?4

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  1. Lovely interview :) I really like Natalie's blog! :)


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