Friday, September 7, 2012

dear lingerie fairy.

Dear Lingerie Fairy,

It has been a while since I replenished my intimates drawer and I would love to stock it full of lovely goodies from Elle MacPherson and Pleasure State. I declared my love for their gorgeous pieces after seeing their pieces hit the runaway at the Bendon show and now I want more than money can ever buy. So Miss Lingerie Fairy, if you exist, hear my plea let my intimates drawer be overflowing with these gorgeous lacy goods.

P.S: All these pieces are available at the Bendon website :)
P.P.S: Many of these designs come in multiple colours - win!
Elle MacPherson Coranto | Elle MacPherson Coranto | Elle MacPherson Dentelle | Elle MacPherson Daisy Chains
Elle MacPherson Enchanted Forest | Elle MacPherson Picturesque | Elle MacPherson Picturesque | Elle MacPherson Sunset Sky
Elle MacPherson Artistry | Elle MacPherson Obsidian Rita | Elle MacPherson Harmonies | Elle MacPherson Desert Heat 
Elle MacPherson Obsidian Maria | Pleasure State My Fit OMB | Pleasure State Aether | Pleasure State Couture Grecia

- margaret
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