Saturday, September 1, 2012

baking with maggie.

A long time ago I started a blog called Baking With Maggie. Soon after it's conception I shut it down and now a year on I have started it again, but this time with much more conviction. The main aim of the blog is not only convey my love of cooking/baking but also to encourage me to have some consistency in baking. It may come as a surprise to all you fashionistas out there but if I was to make a choice between spending my hard earned pennies on fashion or food, food wins 99% of the time. However, I'm talking big splurges by going to fancy pants restaurants, for example last year I took my partner out to the restaurant of the year Marque.

With my final semester of university drawing to an end I feel it's time to pick up the wooden spoon and give this whole baking and foodie gig a go again. So expect lots of enticing food recommendations and adventures, baked goods and recipes to come your way!

To start things off, I did a review of my favourite food and place to spend my dollars at the moment: Noggi.
- margaret

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