Sunday, August 12, 2012

lucid dreaming with wish.

With Sydney giving us a taste of the warmer weather along with the spring/summer prints and colours splashed in Wish's newest collection Lucid Dreaming it's hard not to begin dreaming of summer.

Many of these pieces are available now at their eBoutique, with some coming later on. The thing I love most about this collection is the gorgeous pastel colours, many of which are used in a unique whimsical prints, shaped into gorgeous summer-y silhouettes.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection :)
The watercolour prints are part of the Chimera collection
 Theory Pants
 Virtuous Top
Fantasia Dress
 Ambition Shorts
Finder Jacket
- margaret


  1. loveeee the virtuous top! anything tiedye, ombre, blended colour is making its way to my wardrobe :) wish are such good quality too


  2. Some of these pieces are stunning :) Those ambition shorts are the most fantastic color and the quilted accents are the perfect touch.


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