Monday, August 20, 2012

je m'appelle maggie.

If the name of my blog and boutique didn't indicate this straight away, I love French. I love how romantic and sexy it sounds, and I LOVE the French accent. I also love how they dress and it just seems so effortless but chic, so this is me paying homage to my love for all things French.

A Brenton shirt, a pair of brogues, red lipstick and blue clutch, it doesn't get more French than that - perhaps I could throw on a beret and wedge a baguette under my arm, and maybe a moustache or two just to top it off...
Lipstick: Shiseido
Button-up Shirt: Country Road
Brenton Shirt: Target
Coat: Tokito (purchased @ Myer)
Clutch: Napoleon Perdis
Jeans: Nudie Jeans (purchased @ General Pants)
Brogues: New Look (purchased @ Payless Shoes)

- margaret


  1. you look beautifully french margaret! awww


  2. You're looking good with the suite but i think you will look more hot if you'll bring a bag.:)

    Tote bags


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