Thursday, July 12, 2012

second quarter of 2012.

For those who follow my Tumblr, Instagram or has me as a friend on Facebook you would have noticed weird hashtagged numbers. Basically everyday I take a snapshot of what makes my day. A lot of the time it's food, but sometimes there are just some things that pop up that make my day go from meh to memorable. It's just a way to appreciate and document everyday. What I love is it means I find the beauty of everyday and by looking at the images of each day I can vividly remember my feelings and the things I did that day - and I love that!

So the last three months have been insane but in a great way! I attended my first runaway show at Fashion Palette, I attended my first media event and I baked many batches of cupcakes :) Here's an overview of what the last three months have been like :)
1. Chocolate Brownie with Connoisseur Cookies & Cream Ice-cream - dessert made by yours truly
3. Roses - My boyfriend surprised me on morning by rocking up to my house with these
4. Michael Hing Tickets - saw the always funny Michael during the Sydney Comedy Festival
5. Nomination - my blog was nominated for the 2012 Blogster Award for the fashion category - read my post about it here
6. French Toast with Bananas from Kawa - breakfast with my girls Laura (Wrinkle In Time Vintage) & Jacqui (Couture Caddy)
7. Red Velvet from Cupcake Bakery - my boyfriend surprised me with afternoon treats
8. Review Dress - found the dress for my 21st birthday

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  1. Great photos! I especially like that first one, what a lovely dessert!


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