Friday, July 13, 2012

the ol' razzle dazzle: missy higgins.

I've always been a bit of a fan of Missy Higgins. I've been following her path of success from the early days where she entered Triple J's Unearthed unsigned artist competition, which she subsequently won and jetset her music career.

I have to admit her sound has changed a bit but in a good way! Her latest single Unashamed Desire first captured my attention when I was browsing YouTube and stumbled across her new video for her latest single. It was so catchy I found myself humming to it constantly. However for some odd reason I didn't immediately snap up a copy of her album, or single, and it wasn't until last week at the Mimco event where I heard Unashamed Desire fill the air that I remembered how much I loved the track!

Now that I've got my hands on her album, I can't stop playing through it. I have to say her single is still (currently) my favourite track but the overall album is absolutely marvelous - a must hear!

She's also playing some shows over in the United States, and only a handful here in Australia. Check out the dates here.

- margaret

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