Monday, June 18, 2012

young the giant.

Young The Giant are a five piece from Irvine, California who I have recently fallen in love with and consider one of my favourite bands. Their tunes are so ridiculously catchy so much so that you will find yourself constantly humming their tunes sporadically. I don't even know how I first stumbled across this fantastic five piece but I immediately fell in love with them! The first track that first enticed me happens to be the first track on the album 'Apartment'.

Usually when I listen to an album there are always a song or two that I dislike or find gets lost in the mix of the rest of the album - but not with Young The Giant's synonymous debut album.  Since that first encounter with them I've had their album on repeat and I've listened to the album in it's entirety at least 30 odd times and I'm not sick of it. Why do I mention this? I judge an album by their initial effect on me then whether I can listen to it repetitively and not get sick of it, then finally after a break of listening to it whether I still love it - Young The Giant's debut album ticks all of these.

I would kill to see these boys play live, but unfortunately no new shows for Sydney have been organised. For all you lucky ducks in America they've got a heap of shows around the country. Find one near you here.

- margaret
Photo courtesy of Young The Giant Facebook page

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