Saturday, June 2, 2012

pedestrian's look into my wardrobe.

As a fashion finalist for's Blogster Award (vote for me here) we were asked to submit an editorial of our wardrobe with 5 different elements. Here was my submission.
My most expensive purchase
My Jeffrey Campbell Lita heels. This is the most expensive thing I bought for myself.
(Purchased from Solestruck)

My newest purchase
My polka dot backpack. I've been meaning to get a backpack all year and now having donned a pair of crutches it was a much needed purchase.
(Purchased from Paddy's Markets Sydney)

My oldest purchase
My lace Alannah Hill cardigan. I bought this when I first started university as part of my wardrobe revamp.
(Purchased from Alannah Hill - The Strand)

My favourite purchase
My black Nudie jeans. I wear them everywhere and with everything!
(Purchased from General Pants)

The thing that I bought and only wore once
My Forever New playsuit. I bought this before I went to Melbourne for Christmas and have only worn it for that one photoshoot...
(p.s: I have now worn this twice - second outfit post featuring this here!)
(Purchased from Forever New - Burwood)

- margaret


  1. So interesting seeing a snippet of your wardrobe! :) I like the print on that playsuit - glad you are going to wear it again :)

    1. I fell in love with the print the momentI saw it, which one of the sole reasons why I bought it.

      The outfit will be posted tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled :)


  2. Ah! that rucksack is to die for!
    xx Brigita


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