Sunday, June 10, 2012

pedestrian at vivid sydney.

First and foremost I apologise the mini-hiatus this week. Those who follow my Twitter would know that I have been completely swamped with uni work but the fantastic news I bring to you now is that I am as free as a kite :)

On Friday night I attended the Blogster Awards 2012 of which I was a finalist for the fashion category. Unfortunately I did not win, but I would like to thank every one of you who took the time to vote and for those who read my blog. Being selected as one of the 120 finalist, out of over 2000 nominees, is an absolute honour. To be honest having being selected as a finalist still feels a little surreal. I have some fantastic giveaways coming up soon as a thank you to you all - so keep your eyes peeled :)

In this outfit I managed to incorporate four of my favourite trends this season: fur, gold, lace and sequins. I have always been anti-fur, I'm not entirely sure why but I felt uncomfortable about the idea of wearing a cute animal on me. However with Jacqui's (Couture Caddy) obsession with fur and my recent encounter with the Jennifer Kate range I couldn't help but overcome my resistance. The main thing that drew me towards wearing fur, other than it being extraordinarily soft and fluffy (I can't stop patting myself - it's actually a little embarrassing in public), is that it is amazingly warm which means I can run around in winter with nothing but a sleeveless dress or top on!

Below are also some photos from the awards and Vivid Sydney.
Jacket: Jennifer Kate
Dress: Nookie (purchased from Market HQ)

Winner of the Fashion category: Bianco Blades (Sargasso Sea) and myself

The man behind the lens, my boyfriend and myself.

- margaret


  1. Lovely dress! Congrats on being a finalist, even if you didn't win :)

  2. I already love that Jennifer Kate jacket but that dress is beyond perfect on you

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  3. Looking cute, girly - love the lace x


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