Friday, May 18, 2012

studded black & white.

Sometimes all it takes is a few studs on your boots to harden up any look. Recently I've begun to cease wearing my blazer jackets because of the very corporate look I've been achieving with them. I don't know why but suddenly whenever I throw on a blazer I feel very corporate - maybe it's my sudden love for button up shirts and fitted skirts? Regardless, I finally worked out a way to rock my blazers and all it took was throwing on my studded boots!

I've also recently discovered how comfortable booties are. I'm very prone to accidents, especially with heels, but somehow booties provide heels with crazy amounts of comfort and stability! I noted this with my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's as well - so if you're like me and love heels but suck at running around in them then invest in some booties, especially now it's winter :)

Top: Mojomade (for Azuki)
Blazer: Glassons
Boots: New Look (for Payless)
Bracelets: Pandora & Asos

- margaret


  1. LOVE those boots. These were obviously taken pre-crutches haha!


    1. haha yeah, I'm lucky I backlogged a few outfit looks because it seems I may be out of action for at least another week.


  2. All your designed outfits are really awesome. I enjoyed a lot after reading your blog. I am waiting here for more information in your next post. thanks !!!


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