Wednesday, May 23, 2012

red & black.

I've been wanting to wear this look for a very long time but with Sydney being it's bipolar self I found it difficult trying to time it well with the weather. Alas I found the perfect weather and occasion to wear it! I wore this to Morgan Joanel & Tim Chaisson's gig two weeks ago at the Notes In Newtown [Read music blog post here].

It was a warm day but cool enough to wear the leather jacket with it - actually to be honest it got a bit too cold to be wearing this later on in the evening, but being the stubborn old me I never really plan that far ahead so I didn't change my outfit to be a little more weather appropriate.

Dress: Alice in the Eve (available @ General Pants Co.)
Jacket: Mojomade
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (available @ Sole Struck)

- margaret

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