Friday, May 4, 2012

mbfwa 2012.

As the taste of summer returned briefly to Sydney I made my way into Circular Quay to attend the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With Maticevski, Flowers for a Vagabond and Suboo invites under my belt I prepared myself for an exciting week of runways and celebrity spotting.

On Tuesday I attended the Maticevski and Flowers for a Vagabond shows down at the Oversea Passenger Terminals, and on Friday I attended Suboo at The Summit Restaurant and Akira.
  • I absolutely loved Maticevski! The photos of I have below of their show are my favourite pieces.
  • Flowers for a Vagabond showed a variety of quirky pieces - not really my style but I do love the back of the piece in the first photo.
  • I wasn't originally going to go to Akira but after little convincing by Jacqui of Couture Caddy I was lining up at The Box waiting to see his show, and am I glad I did! I loved the oriental flare and the lovely bridal set in the show.
  • Sadly, I do not have any good photos from Suboo despite loving so many of their pieces! Definitely go check them out! They're a great swimwear line :)
There was much celebrity blogger spotting on my part this week with Zanita (Zanita), Margaret (Shine By Three), Sara (Harper & Harley), Rumi (Fashion Toast) and Bryan (Bryan Boy) casually walking past as I stood agape. Not to mention I got to meet many wonderful bloggers like Darren (Boy Moments), Chloe (Social Emission) and Emma (Spin Dizzy Fall).

These last two weeks full of fashion fun have been amazing. I've had the opportunity to spend time with fellow bloggers while doing what we all do best.


Flowers for a Vagabond


Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast
Seating at Suboo
from @lpmmags Instagram
Photo courtesy of Suboo Instagram

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