Monday, May 21, 2012

from park ave to cecil hills.

So remember that Park Avenue showing I went to last week? [Read post here] I took home, and by that I mean only temporarily, this gorgeous mint top by Steele.

With my friend Natalie from Lucy & The Runaways glow in the dark birthday the day after the showing Nat, Jacqui from Couture Caddy and Romi from Romi Ya Fashion Blog decided we would do a shoot with the gorgeous pieces available to our disposal from the Park Avenue out where Nat lived (very far out west - Cecil Hills).

As our car ride approached the outskirts of Sydney we were greeted by green rolling hills. Nat shared with us her (now not so secret) hill that she frequently uses as a backdrop. After a hilarious high heel hill crab walk performance by Nat, Jacqui and I we managed to get to the ideal spot where Romi masterfully snapped up our photos giving us great and hilarious directions.

I'd love to thank Park Avenue PR for lending me this gorgeous piece, Nat for sharing her lovely backdrop, Romi for snapping my photos, Jerry (Romi's partner) for driving us all the way to the edge of Sydney and Jacqui for having a good laugh with me as we made blogger jokes - we're so silly!

Find these lovely girls here:
Jacqui - Couture Caddy

Top: Steele (borrowed from Park Avenue PR)
Skirt: H&M (borrowed from Natalie)
Heels: Forever 21

Photos by Romi of Romi Ya
Last photo courtesy of Lucy & The Runaways

- margaret


  1. You look great! That top and skirt are the perfect combo, and the hill is beautiful :)

  2. really beautiful <3 I love the photos romi took and that skirt! ;)


  3. I really love that skirt, it's the perfect length for you!!!

    Nora Finds


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