Tuesday, May 1, 2012

fashion palette 2012.

Tucked away at Four Points, Sheraton with a photobooth in tow was the launch party for Fashion Palette which I had the opportunity to attend on Tuesday night. 2012 marks the fourth year Fashion Palette has been operating with designers such as Bettina Liano and Anaessia showcasing at Carriageworks.

With the cocktails and wine flowing I got to mingle with fellow bloggers Nusardel from Mint Maison, Yan from Parfasseux, Christie from Dark Blue Stripes, Jacqui from Couture Caddy, Romi from Romiya and Maria from Fashion Fazer.

Sadly I missed the first day of Fashion Palette however on day two I got to see the two main designers I went to Fashion Palette to see: Paolo Sebastian and Anaessia. After the Paolo Sebastian show Nusardel immediately turned to me and knew I loved everything I saw. Just have a look at some of my favourite pieces and you will see that he embodies everything I love. Similarly Anaessia embodies a very similar feel but with quirkier pieces. I would love to have either Paolo Sebastian or Anaessia design my wedding dress, or even my 21st dress, but that might be a bit of a stretch.

L-R: Me, Romi & Maria
Paolo Sebastian


- margaret


  1. I completely agree that Paolo Sebastian and Anaessia are the best shows, they're my fave too! :)

    Nora Finds

  2. Wow so gorgeous!! Seriously loving these pieces - so much tulle!


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