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Recently my shopping addiction has hit a new high. Remember that post a little while back saying I'll curtail my shopping to one piece a month? [Read that article here] That didn't last more than 2hrs. A month later and I've acquired enough new clothing to look like it's all stock for my boutique. I've even had to split my 'new to my wardrobe' post into two parts! So here's part one, my ASOS addiction. 

When I first heard about ASOS I was excited about the free shipping (honestly, who isn't, especially when you live in Australia...postage is your worst enemy!) but no matter how hard I browsed there was nothing I wanted. That was 2 years ago. Today I try not to browse it on a daily basis as there is always something sitting in my cart at the end of the 5hr session of online browsing. The beauty of ASOS is a lot of their pieces are affordable but best of all it's amazing quality. Not to mention they constantly update with new items and tempt me on a daily basis with their sale newsletters.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet then head on over and see what you find HERE.
I promise you'll love me for telling you this, but can't say you're credit card is going to enjoy it, mine sure doesn't.
Note: Everything in this post was purchased on ASOS.

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ASOS Order #1

ASOS Black Long Pencil Skirt
I have to admit, this skirt was an absolute impulse buy. I still currently don't know how I'm going to style it but mostly because of its length. I have a short pencil skirt from Sportsgirl which I love wearing. Pencil skirts give the look an overall sophisticated feel because of our association with it to corporate looks. I shall see how I end up styling this - look out for it.

ASOS Plug Cuff & 'M' Initial Bracelet
$9.73 & $7.30 (respectively)

Since buying my silver cuff bracelet from Retro Star in Melbourne with my friend I've fallen in love with the open cuff bracelets. I also love all things peculiar so when I stumbled across this plug cuff I just had to have it! Best thing was it's silver too!
The 'M' initial bracelet is my take on the name necklace. I mentioned a few posts ago how I didn't like people knowing my name just by looking at my necklace so this is my substitute for it. My only qualm about this bracelet is, it's quite delicate and the chain snapped with a few hours of me wearing it.

ASOS Order #2

ASOS Paris Black Floral Court Shoes
I love court heels. I have a plain black pair by Mimi Loves Jimi and a black pair with bow detailing by Paragini. So to my collection in the second ASOS haul I add these marvelous black floral courts and the orange ones below. They fit like a dream. I'm usually a size 6, which is the size I bought, and to my surprise ASOS accommodates quite a loose but comfortable fit. I don't like heels that are super tight, makes keeping them on for a long period of time difficult. How fabulous is this floral print though!

ASOS Paris Orange Court Shoes

Just to shake things up a bit I bought these orange courts. I don't have a lot of colour in my shoe collection, most of it is black. So to create some diversity I have added these to my ever-growing collection of shoes :)

ASOS Letty Lace Loafers

Flats are the staple of my life. I wear them everyday. They let me run around and walk without any accidents (I'm very accident-prone...actually I managed to stack it in my gumboots yesterday... embarrassing). Because of my foot tattoo some flats look odd on so I was very skeptical about these, even though I really wanted a pair of loafers. So I took a chance and bought them, and guess what? They're amazing! They're so pretty too! I love lace :)

ASOS Red Midi Dress

I've been searching for a red dress for ages now. I found one I loved by Sportsgirl, but by the time I investigated it, it was sold out of my size. So I sought for a substitute and stumbled across this number. I'm loving midi skirts/dresses so this was perfect on so many levels. The cut is not something I would usually wear, but after trying it on, I have to say, I'm loving it :)

ASOS Order #3

ASOS Black Midi Dress
As I browsed through ASOS this dress' cut captured my attention. It's so 50's but modern at the same time - my style and boutique's motto; modern with a splash of vintage. I have a tonne of black dresses but I couldn't help but get this very classic sophisticated number :)

American Apparel Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit

After buying my first bodysuit I couldn't help but get more. As the cooler weather has begun to descend upon Sydney it was time to get a bodysuit with longer sleeves. I was hoping to get one without a scoop back as it's not really winter appropriate, and this bodysuit goes against that completely being the most low scoop back item I have in my closet. American Apparel is such an amazing brand, with so many perfect staples in very comfortable material - only problem is it's expensive, too expensive to constantly stock up on. My only problem with this bodysuit is there is no crotch opening...I do not look forward to wearing this for long periods of time...bathroom trips will not be fun.

ASOS Ponti Orange Midi Skirt

YAY - MORE MIDI SKIRTS! Just to add a splash more colour to my wardrobe I got this midi skirt in orange. It comes with the belt as well. I love the sweetheart dip at the front of the waist line - subtle but definitely makes a difference :)

- margaret

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  1. Wow loving your ASOS hauls!
    Haha I actually counted my total orders the order day and I think I'm up to 13 or 14 now LOL, the majority of which were in the last year... I am terrible! I order from there basically once a month haha. I have to agree that the chains aren't of very good quality, I bought a set of bracelets to stack and one of the chains snapped as well =(


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