Sunday, April 1, 2012

zooey deschanel.

CONFESSION: Zooey Deschanel is my #1 girl crush. I would have babies with her if that was biologically possible.

Fun Zooey Deschanel + Maggie facts:
  1. I watch New Girl religiously. If you haven't heard or seen it before you HAVE to watch it. I love Zooey's character Jess - some of the quirky things she does reminds me of myself.
  2. I have watched 500 Days of Summer well over 500 times now, and still it is my favourite movie - it has my actress crush, Zooey, and actor crush, Joseph.
  3. I want Jess's (Zooey's New Girl character) wardrobe - hence this blog post.
I absolutely LOVE Jess's style on the show, but if you have a look at Zooey's personal style you can see how her style transcends to Jess's. Below is a mixture of pictures from New Girl and of Zooey's personal style. My favourite is the red dress and blue flats featured in the second episode of New Girl. I'm not usually a fan of wrap dresses but this dress made me fall deeply in love. I can't find anything remotely similar which saddens me. Maybe it's time to find a dressmaker :)

All photos courtesy of What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?

1. Black and white dress paired with red heels
Episode 18 [Fancyman Part 2]
2. Green top with multi-coloured polka dot skirt
Episode 5 [Cece Crashes]

3. Red wrap dress paired with blue flats
Episode 2 [Kryptonite]

4. Red dress coat paired with loafer flats
5. White blouse with black full skirt

6. White lace dress with gold plated belt paired with gold glitter heels
Similar belt available at Beginning Boutique

- margaret

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