Tuesday, April 17, 2012

black & white keys.

Black and white keys. Laced together to create a melody and harmony. To create a heart song.

Recently I have reignited my love for the piano. I've been playing since the age of 4 but after Year 12 (when I was no longer required to play) I stopped completely. However, in the last week my passion has been reignited and once again countless hours have disappeared as I lose myself in the music.

I've always grown up playing classical music as that was what was required to complete piano grades. However as my skills and sight-reading improved I was able to tackle on pieces I heard and loved. Most of the pieces I ventured out to play are by Asian composers - there's just something beautiful about the music they produce. Below are some of my favourite pieces to play.

These Four Walls was composed by George Shaw for the boys at Wong Fu Productions. When I first heard this piece I immediately fell in love. Not only was it written for the short produced by Wong Fu but it is beautifully written and fits flawlessly with the video - the music evokes emotions that the video attempts to convey. All in all, they work hand in hand together.
George Shaw has composed countless pieces for the Wong Fu boys, all amazing and memorable.

These two pieces by Yiruma were my introductory pieces into the wonderful world of Asian composers. Indigo is a wonderful minor piece that evokes a very 'indigo' feeling. I first heard this back in Year 12 when one of my classmates chose to play it for her music performance component. The River Flows In You is possibly his most well known piece, it is widely known and learnt. It is a romantic and delicate piece that always makes me smile a little.

This piece is the piece of music that reignited my passion recently. I first heard it when my partner decided to plonk down on my piano and have a bit of a tinkle. Out of nowhere my house was filled with the mellifluous melodies by Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian contemporary composer. He played two pieces by Einaudi however this piece, I Giorni, was my favourite. The romantic overtones won me over instantly. The oddity of this piece is that it ends twice in midst of the piece, in musical terms it comes to a perfect cadence indicating the end of a piece, however seconds later the theme seeps through gently to reveal that there's more to it.

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  1. Awww cute, I used to play piano too. my boyfriend learnt how to play Yurima 'A river flows for you' for me once for my birthday. Was super sweet :)



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