Friday, March 2, 2012

take me to the 70s.

For those who know, I have an online boutique (visit it here). For those who don't know, check it out!
Recently I've been slacking off with all my boutique stuff - focussing a LOT on my blogging (It's so addictive it's not even funny. Not to mention it takes up so much time, but the time just whizzes by!) So with market dates quickly coming around the corner (first USYD market return for 2012 is on the 21st of March) I have finally got my act together and got more stock. There are so many fantastic pieces coming in in preparation for Autumn/Winter 2012. There are a lot of vintage and modern pieces that need to be photographed. None of these pieces will be available at the first market stall as we're having a huge clearance sale of 40% off! These new pieces will be photographed and uploaded soon.

So why am I ranting on about my boutique you ask?
These fabulous bellbottom pants is amongst the newest vintage haul for my boutique. There are 3 pairs of bellbottoms, all which will get it's own individual blog post about. This is the first of three and it's a very nice aubergine bellbottom pants. They're pretty big on me which is why the belt is there to keep them up. They are super comfy and look so good! They will be available for purchase either at the USYD market stalls and online very soon.

Necklace: Lovisa
Belt: birthday gift Sportsgirl
Shoes: Tony Bianco

- margaret


  1. love your lace top !

  2. I love your outfit!


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