Friday, March 9, 2012

sydney's monsoon.

My shopping addiction continues.
I have made a new rule for myself - limit of 1 new piece of garment or shoes a month.
This rule week?

Mel "Welly" Gumboots
Purchased @ Wanted Shoes (Burwood)
Available @ Wanted Shoes or Mel Shoes
With the recent Sydney "monsoon" season I decided it was time to invest in a pair of gumboots, especially with winter ahead. I had this wishlist drafted but had no idea where to start. I didn't want gumboots of my childhood which comes up to your knees, let's be honest, I'm short enough and don't need to cut up my body into weird segments. So as I wandered around the shops with my mother, waiting for her holiday photos to print, I waltzed into Wanted shoes hoping to nab a pair of wedges. Like always, I walked in and the first this I laid eyes on were these fabulous gumboots by Mel Shoes. I was ecstatic! I quickly tried them on, checked the price and I was sold.
Mel Shoes are known for their jelly shoes in all different shapes. From sandals to gumboots, they've got your jelly desires covered. Best of all, free shipping for orders over £30 - which isn't hard to reach.
Sugarlips "Isadora" Fringe Cardi 
$55 $33.25
Courtesy Of Sugarlips
Available @ Sugarlips
Remember when I said I wanted a kimono jacket? Well my dream was fulfilled when I was approached by Sugarlips who sent me this gorgeous fringed kimono jacket. I've worn it out and about and I love it! The sleeves are to the wrist so it's perfect for autumn! It's sheer enough to keep you cool, but the long sleeves determine to keep you on the warmer side of things.
Look out for this jacket to be sprinkled into my autumn world.

Forever New "Larissa" Bodysuit
Purchased @ Forever New (Burwood)
Available @ Forever New Online 
Another "trend" I've been slow to adopt. I've always hated bodysuits/leotards. Why? Because of the impracticality and because I have issues with tight clothing. But having seen Morgan Joanel dance around with her wardrobe full of bodysuits I began to obsess with them. My first bodysuit was actually one of her designs, the picket bodysuit (pictured below). So once again, thank you Morgan for unknowingly convincing me of trends :) [yeah, she's my style icon...can you tell?]
Picket Bodysuit designed by Morgan Joanel for Azuki
Available @ Azuki eBoutique
Morgan Joanel from Mojo Made sporting a Stylestalker bodysuit
This is probably one of my favourite bodysuits from her wardrobe - love the cut out sides!
When you're sick of it, I'll happily take it off your hands!

Cotton On "Ritchie" Skinny Jeans
Purchased @ Cotton On (Burwood)
Available @ Cotton On Online
I love skinny jeans. I always have, always will. This love started back in 2005 and is still going strong. My first pair of skinny jeans are still with me now (wearing them as we speak) but they're more a burnt charcoal grey-black than a proper black. Not to mention I've been wanting tighter "jegging" style jeans and these CO jeans meet the bill at every point! So happy. Great fit (even for short people) and super affordable. What more can you ask for?

Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Black Distressed Leather
Purchased @ Solestruck
I have been eyeing these off for a long while with money being the sole issue. Finally with a little extra pocket money (not really....I just won't eat for a few weeks) I finally clicked "Add To Cart" on these gorgeous wardrobe staple. I've seen them styled a million and one ways and cannot wait to wear them around! Squee!

- margaret

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