Saturday, March 3, 2012

on the outside.

With a sore throat and an oncoming flu I learnt the hard way that autumn and winter is upon us. I was a self proclaimed winter hater, until now. I have a little bit of a coat and jacket fetish at the moment, and just in time for winter! There are several types I want to get my hands on. Here's my speel on this season's staple.

I have at least 5 different blazers. From boyfriend blazers to fitted ones. I also have them in different colours. I just love them! I have to admit though, I can't wear a blazer with the sleeves all the way down, my arms are just too short! The blazer is perfect for this transitional weather where it's cool enough for a coat, but warm enough to roll up the sleeves.
Colours I have: black, nude and cobalt blue :)

The Chanel Jacket.
This elegant coat is perfect with a dress or pants! I haven't had a chance to try one on to see if the cut suits me, but hopefully it will! It's good to have this coat just at hip height. Don't know what my chances are of finding a piece that fits me perfectly.
Colours I want: nude, black and navy

Leather Jacket.
I remember when this trend first came about in 2009 and I was SO skeptical, but regardless I bought myself a very cheap, cruddy leather jacket which has kept me company till now. I bought my leather jacket in Year 12 (a very bad year to have bought clothing, I put on so much weight) which means it no longer fits me. Don't believe me? The jacket is a size 12 and I'm currently a size 6. Yep, doesn't fit. Also, it was bought at Jay Jays, can't say it's the best cut or material. I would never wear real leather, so faux leather for me! I'm determined to get my hands on a new one!

Pea Coat.
I got my grey pea coat much too late last year which resulted in very little wear (not to mention it's a size 10 - I need to stop buying wrong sizes!) I love it because it's just so darn warm! I love wearing my striking red scarf under it just to give it some pop. The pea coat is great over a pair of jeans. My uni staple!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm SO skeptical about capes. I've tried them on and I get drowned in the overwhelming amount of fabric, not a good look. I won't be getting one of these but my friend who rocked a cape at one of our dinners looked AMAZING in it. Great for tall people.

I wanted an anorak SO badly last winter but now I'm glad I didn't. It looks so good on so many people, but just not me. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something not quite right when I sport an anorak. It's great for the wetter weather! Maybe I should invest in one seeing the recent Sydney weather...

Dress Coats & More.
For those who have met me, I'm short. I'm a mere 5"3 (160cm) and long coats are no fun on me. However, I'm determined to get a nice dress coat for the coming winter. I have a few coats already - an Alannah Hill black coat and a Katherine red coat (which I haven't worn since I bought it). I want either a nude or a mustard coat to get me through this winter. Something that looks cute over a skirt or dress :)

on the outside.

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  1. Great staples for winter! I need to do some shopping... I'm not liking any of my winter clothing atm :(


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