Saturday, March 17, 2012

music & memories.

Music has always been a very important part of my life. My musical background began well before I could talk with video evidence of my playing a mini grand piano at the ripe age of one. This "talent" was then extended once I turned 5 where I began learning the piano properly and continued until I graduated the HSC with a staggering Band 6 in music (Band 6 is the highest). My musical life saw me try a variety of musical instruments such as the violin, flute, drums, guitar and vocals (I'm a one man band). So for me, music was a vital element of my life, despite not having played the piano in well over 3 years now.

So what am I writing about on this "fine" monsoon Saturday morning (I told everyone it was going to start monsooning again - I should be a weatherman...) Music has been an instrumental element of my upbringing so it is only natural that each stage of my life is marked by a specific song or album - the soundtrack of my life (how cheesy!) But I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. So here's the soundtrack to my life so far.

"Aquarium" by Aqua
This was the first album I ever bought. I remember hearing the hit single "Barbie Girl" on Video Hits and immediately went out and convinced my mum to get me this album. This album is the epitome of my childhood. I never listened to Spice Girls so I grew up listening to tunes such as "Barbie Girl" and "Doctor Jones".

"Young & Hopeless" by Good Charlotte
This was the next memorable stage of my life - my angsty teenage years. For those who knew me during this time (around 2005) it was the high time for emos & things of the like, which I embodied whole heartedly. Yeah, that's right, Maggie was an angsty emo with heavy eyeliner, short choppy dyed hair and black clothing all year round. Good Charlotte was also the first ever concert I ever attended (with my mother - poor thing did not last in the pit long at all). From here my musical taste extended to what my iTunes is mainly made up of - metal.

"Flame Trees" [Single - Cover] by Sarah Blasko
This song will always bring a tear to my eye. Just thinking about it tugs at heart strings. This song was the song we dedicated to our beloved year co-ordinator when she left us at the end of Year 11. My grade secretly learnt the song as a collective and sang it to her, with more sobbing than singing. This song reminds me of the best teacher I've ever had and how much we missed her - and still do.

"La Roux" by La Roux
This album was the soundtrack to my Year 12 HSC year. I played this album non-stop all year round. This was especially so because I had just got my own car and this was the only album I had - so wherever I went tunes such as "Bulletproof" and "Quicksand" were blasting out my windows. I can't listen to this album without a smile, despite the stressful year it embodies.

"Living On A Prayer" [Single] by Bon Jovi
This song always makes me grin and makes me want to sing/yell along. This was my grade's theme song. We would belt it out at all events - or just sporadically in the playground. It was played repetitively throughout 2008/2009 - our final years of high school. I remember this being played at my debutante and everyone was on the dance floor singing and dancing, and just having a good time.

"Hearts A Mess" [Single] by Gotye
This song was listened to on repeat during my first break up. It was a confusing time and this song embodied my feelings so well. The mellow sounds of Gotye's mellifluous vocals enabled clarity of thought and helped me through the rollercoaster ride of this period of my life.

I also have lots of songs with my friends - songs that if played we would look at each other with a knowing look and nod.
Does anyone else have things similar? Songs that remind you of a time in your life, good or bad.

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