Friday, March 9, 2012


This is the outfit I wore to see the love of my life the Wong Fu boys. This skirt is new in at my store, it will be put up online soon! I know I keep promising this but uni started back and I've been sick (boo!!!)

Ok, I'm going to confess something. I am notorious for re-wearing the same outfit, sometimes with some changes, but a lot of the time it's identical. *GASP* but sometimes when you find a good match why digress from it? I rewore this the other day at uni - yeah, the day where the uni was flooded, woo!

Gumboots: Mel (available @ Wanted Shoes)

- margaret


  1. about those wellington boots, should I really size up as it says on the site? I want the red ones SO very muchly >< but with uni work piling up, I figured that I could just buy them online rather than take the time out to shop for them :)

    thanks amigo :)

    1. Hi Yan,

      They run pretty true to size. I'm a AU6 and got a pair of 6. The material means that it doesn't really stretch and aren't really made to be worn all day. I would recommend half a size larger if possible just for the enter room :)

      Hope that helps!

    2. margaret, your feet are tiny! I'm around AU6.5 so I went with a sz37 and even then I could barely fit my foot in. In the end I bought sz38 wheeeee I finally got my own pair in red. I wish it would rain soon haha :P


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