Wednesday, March 28, 2012

first quarter of 2012.

Without much notice the first third of 2012 has past me by. The first three months have been an amazing ride with craziness such as Wong Fu Productions in Sydney (picture 9) and being in the same room as Alex Perry, Sarah Murdoch, Megan Gale and Kelsey Martinovich (picture 8).

For those who don't know I'm currently doing a little project called the 366 days of 2012 - FIND OUT MORE HERE.
Basically every day I find something that makes me smile or inspires me to document the year that is 2012.

Here's my first 3 months of 2012, and a little description of what each image is.

1. Heart Tennis Bracelet - a gift from my parents upon their return from the USA
2. Cartoon Spencer & Awkward Panda - Spencer is the Wong Fu "mascot" & my awkward panda keyring makes me smile every day
3. Beginning Boutique Package - this package contained my Nana gold neck plate; one of my favourite pieces
4. Brown Brothers Pink Moscato - this is my favourite wine, EVER!
5. Blue Berry Volcano Pancakes - made by yours truly, I made this for breakfast
6. Soundwave Map - a day jam packed with all my favourite bands - read my post about it here
7. Pumpkin, Fetta & Rocquette Salad - made by yours truly, my lunch and signature dish
8. Alex Perry Specsavers Launch - I was privileged enough to tag along to this amazing event. Photo booth image featuring Natalie Leung of Lucy & The Runaways and Aprilia Love - read my post about it here
9. Wong Fu 4 LYF - My brother & I with Phil (furthest left) and Wes (furthest right) - read my post about it here

- margaret


  1. what lovely photos, those blueberry volcano pancakes look delish!

  2. I think the first 3 months of the year is the first quarter LOL :)
    Looove the photos ahah especially the last one!!! And omnomnom bluueeeberries, love!

  3. I love Wong Fu! they've been around since 07 i think. Biggest fan! I first was introduced to them by my english teacher during a presentation on growing talents around the world, abit odd but it was very inspirational. Mags, you should consider doing a post on how you first were introduced to the things/people you cheerish (including Wong Fu of course! :P). xx Talyna

    1. Hey Talyna,

      You know what, that's a fabulous idea! I have touched on how I was first introduced to Wong Fu but I will definitely put out a post on those things I cherish most :)



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