Thursday, March 1, 2012

alex perry for specsavers launch 2012.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending Alex Perry for Specsavers Launch. Held at the fabulous Marble Bar in the Hilton Tower I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Megan Gale, Sarah Murdoch, Kelsey Martinovich and, of course, the man himself, Alex Perry.

Alex Perry's 2012 range for Specsavers is available at all Specsavers stores today. There are 10 new styles with oriental flares. What's wonderful is, they're affordable! $199 for two pairs of prescription glasses. Guess who'll be going to Specsavers soon ;)

The video is of the runway (Kelsey is one of the models!!). Sorry if it's not great. I promise to do better videos! Practice, practice, practice!

P.S: I want an Alex Perry gown!!! Loved all of them!

Thank you to Natalie Leung from Lucy & The Runaways for inviting me. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Aprilia Love <3

- margaret

L-R: Me, Natalie (Lucy & The Runaways), Aprilia (Aprilia Love) & Lauren.


  1. Bahaha, how hilarious was that photo booth - don't think we ever got it right!

    x Aprilia

    1. I know!

      "Step forward. No, more forward. Now tilt. Now you're too forward!"


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