Friday, February 24, 2012

mistakes makes a good dinner.

On Wednesday Natalie Leung from the fantastic blog Lucy & The Runaways and I got dressed up to the nines and made our way into the city. Excitedly Natalie tweeted (@peach_tea_)
"Headin to 's Marble Bar for Alex Perry for launch party tonight! Pretty excited as a small time fashion blogger can be."
only to have Aprilia from Aprilia Love (@ApriliaLovereply saying that she was certain that it was next week. With a quick check of her email it was verified that a mistake had been made. Funniest thing is that Nat had bought a diary to keep track of all the events, not to mention when she first told me about the event she said it was in November haha

But having made the effort to look gorgeous and with our heavy DSLRs weighing our handbags down we decided to make the best of the night in the city. So with the sun setting we headed down to the Darling Harbour bridge and took some shots before having dinner at Ramen-Kan (entry next to the Cold Rock).

There shots of Natalie were taken by yours truly. It is the first time I have EVER taken photos of someone else for their blog so I was excited but nervous. So with Nat's Nikon in hand I started snapping up some photos, constantly checking I was doing the right thing. Was definitely a great learning experience!

After talking and laughing about the events of the night we parted ways joking that we'll see each other next week, same time, same place, different dress.

Find Natalie Leung / Lucy & The Runaways here:
Necklace: Colette
Cuff Bracelet & Ring: Samantha Wills (c/o Aprilia Love)
Shoes: Tony Bianco

Photographer: Natalie Leung

Dress: Wayne Cooper
Bag & Heels: Topshop
Belt: Asos
Cuff: Similiar @ Beginning Boutique

Photographer: Margaret Ye

- margaret


  1. I love the cuffs !!! Wearing two is inspiring!

  2. hahaha sounds like a funny day! at least you guys had a good time regardless. the photos turned out beautifully, you captured the sunlight well :)

  3. Haha that's funny but good that you guys made the most of it anyway! You both look amazing, love the accessories especially!


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