Thursday, February 23, 2012

i've got mojo.

I am SO glad I got my hands on this leather trim tank designed by the gorgeous Morgan Joanel of Mojo Made for Azuki. I have to admit it is a little large on me but I just LOVE it. So many of these type of collared tanks have been floating around this season and I hated it - why you ask? Because of my swimmers arms but what is great about this piece is that Morgan alters that trend by making the sleeves narrow at the top and thus reducing the "chunkiness" that can come through these tanks. (Thanks Morgan!)

I bought this Sportsgirl skirt last season as I needed a staple black fitted skirt. I bought it last year for $29.99 and guess what, this EXACT skirt is still in their range (plus other colours) but is going for $39.99. Talk about getting in on it quick fast! I LOVE this skirt. It's super comfy and goes with so many different looks I have but once again, this skirt is a little bit loose on me. I had a look at the other exact skirts going at Sportsgirl and still no XS so I guess I will stick with the one I have.

If you're free tonight, I'm heading down to Notes in Newtown to see the gorgeous designer of this top and singer Morgan Joanel play alongside other brilliant musicians. See you there at 7pm for a drink or two!

Top: Mojo Made for Azuki (available @ Azuki or Myer)
Skirt: Sportsgirl
Necklace: Nana (available @ Beginning Boutique)

- margaret


  1. Such a cool shirt! Love the leather on it.

    xx maggie

  2. love the skirt! you look gorgeous xx.

  3. Aaaaw! what the coool outfit! i really like it:) hehhe:)
    n u look gorgeous! :)

  4. Love the look! Haha funny about the skirt still being in store. And you purchased it for cheaper too! Win win :) Hope you enjoy the show tonight!
    Oh and I purchased the Revlon Lip Butters from this seller: it worked out to be a bit over $10 for each lip butter I think! And yes, definitely let me know when you're in Melbourne :D

  5. love that necklace! i'm a new follower to your blog :)


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