Friday, February 10, 2012

interview: metallic paws.

Izzy from Metallic Paws

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.

I'm Izzy and I'm a 21 year old law student from Sydney. I took up blogging mid-last year as an escape from the dregs of study life, and it's been an extremely rewarding hobby so far! It's a great way to document all the photoshoots my boyfriend and I do on a weekly basis, as well as build and develop a modelling and photography portfolio for the both of us. I try to make my blog more visually appealing by making each photoshoot unique with a range of backgrounds and outfit looks, rather than simply taking one or two snaps of whatever garb I'm dressed in.

I'm also a huge online shopping addict, because whilst we have an incredible range of local designers and chain stores down under, the internet brings a massive, global shopping centre to me in a few clicks, and lazy people like me love it. On my blog I share a lot of my hauls and online store reviews, especially from wholesale websites which sell lovely things at rock-bottom prices but are especially risky to order from due to not getting what you see.

How did you first get into fashion and blogging?
I was a bit of a late bloomer and only started developing an individual fashion sense during my late teens (previously, just a tentative imitation of whatever my friends were wearing and whatever I was allowed to wear haha). I drew inspiration largely from Asian magazines such as Vivi, S Cawaii and Popteen. My style started out mostly cute, girly and with probably way too much lace and chiffon, and now it's like a conglomeration of everything I like from fashion blogs, Lookbookers, and the ordinary stylish people you see out on the streets.

As for blogging- my boyfriend and I have a thing where we get together every Saturday (if the weather gods are kind to us) to do a photoshoot, since he has a passion for photography and I've mine for fashion. At first I was really shy about being in the photos in the first place and then it took a while for me to muster up the confidence to put the pictures up online. Now I'm generally pretty proud and happy with our photoshoots, and for all the positive feedback I receive on the photos I attribute that to our teamwork as a photographer and model, not just to my way of dressing.

Where are some of your favourite places to shop?
Locally- I regularly haunt Aussie chain stores such as Forever New, Sportsgirl and Bardot. If one of those stores is within the vicinity I must step in and have a browse through all their heavenly garments.
Online (where I probably do most of my damage)- Gmarket, Zipia, and Asian wholesale websites such as Taobao. ASOS has some amazing stuff too, and their in-house brand is pretty competitively priced.

Which bloggers do you look up to and why?
As typically expected, Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast is my number one blogger idol because it's mind-blowing how she's achieved so much success from her fashion blog. She seems like a girl of such humble origins but the way she's developed her own unique flair both in her style and photography, has taken her to designing clothes for RVCA, modelling for Forever 21 and even for a Japanese department store where her face was plastered on posters and in ads on those tvs they play on Japanese trains. It's amazing how simply taking photos of your outfits can lead you to become somewhat of a celebrity.

Denni Elias from the Chic Muse is someone I also admire greatly. I love the way she's created a signature look for herself (thick cat-like eyeliner, bold red lips), and the emotive feel from a lot of her photographs. No wonder she's gone far enough as to model for American Apparel.

What should we ask the next interviewee?
Fashion-related must-haves for this season?


  1. Loved this interview :) Izzy's wardrobe is to die for and I always look forward to her posts!!

  2. thankyou Margaret for doing my first blogger interview with me, I really enjoyed it! :P and thanks Sue too haha. I've just thanked you with a link back to your blog here :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this ~ it's really great to get an insight of Izzy ~ I always enjoy reading her posts and seeing her photos xD They're always magnificently taken!


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