Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hint of green.

Green is making it's mark this season. Whether it's a rich emerald or a nice mint green - it's here. Without really realising it I managed to get both extremes in my last shop :)

Country Road Splice Silk Shirt
Purchased @ Myer (Sydney CBD)
Available @ Country Road Online
Remember my dire need to fill my wardrobe with collared blouses? It has begun. First with an absolute staple: white and just for fun a nice emerald green. These two blouses were from Country Road and had a nice 25% off. Oh I do love discounts :)
It was a struggle to find my size, but after much searching my size popped up :)
These wonderful (must be handwashed) shirts also come in a gorgeous orange, navy and black.
I may just try and get my mitts on a navy.
For online buyers - the size I wear is a XXS and I'm usually a size 6.

Sportsgirl Charlie Work Bag in Ox Blood
Purchased @ Sportsgirl (Pitt St Mall)
Available @ Sportsgirl Online
Uni starts up in exactly two weeks and how can I start a new year without a new handbag? That would just be crazy! So of course I hit up my handbag watering hole Sportsgirl and scored this lovely ox blood red bag. The bag doesn't really like holding the weight on my laptop so I don't know how efficient it will be for uni, but regardless I've been using this as my main handbag - big enough for a novel (currently reading Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami - a GREAT read!) and my diary :)

Tony Bianco Mai Tai Flats
Purchased @ Tony Bianco Online
Every year I begin with both a handbag and a pair of good quality black flats. I wear my black flats 99% of the time so it's only fitting to splash out and buy a decent pair. My pair from 2011 was a pair of Diana Ferrari with a nice ribbon trim and bow. This year I will be running around in my new Tony Bianco Mai Tai flats. They're suede so I will have to be careful in the rain. My last pair have major water damage after the monsoon season we've had over summer. Out they go and in come my knight in shining suede :)

Also, a HUGE thank you to Aprilia Love for this wonderful Samantha Wills gift pack! I have never won a competition before so for this to be my first is a wonderful surprise :)
You can buy the Waverly Place Cuff here.
You can buy the High Style Ring here.

Zara Crossover Back Dress
Purchased @ Zara (Pitt St Mall)
Available @ Zara Online
So when Zara first opened in Sydney I didn't give it a second thought. Actually there wasn't much of a first through either. After the hype of it's initial opening I browsed Zara several times and came up with nothing. There really wasn't much that tickled my fancy. HOWEVER this time I walked in and the first thing I laid eyes on was this very cute mint green dress. I made a beeline for the rack, picked it up, turned it around and was instantly in love. The back had me sold. I frantically scourer the rack for my size and lucky me there was one left. It was fate :)
Just an idea what size to buy, I'm a size 6 and this dress is a XS.
It is also available in a pastel pale pink :)

Below is my first video which just shows a little insight into my life and my wardrobe. Never realised how small my wardrobe is...but I guess most of it is sprawled on my couch...or just elsewhere....
Hope you like it! Featuring Morgan Joanel's "The Hunter" and my Wong Fu collectable Spencer :D

- margaret


  1. Lovely purchases, I admire you for the bold colours you wear. I am such a chicken and always stick to the neutrals!!

  2. Wow, first you post the Sportsgirl bag I've been eyeing then you mention Murakami? I'm in my happy place ^_^

    1. Haha we've both got good taste then.

      I plan on collecting all his books - I'm still slowly getting through Kafka on the Shore and it's getting so intense!



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