Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Put your hands up if you've ever bought a piece or saw a piece where you immediately thought "it's nice, but this needs to be fixed"? Well this 'dress' was one of these pieces. I bought this years ago - I'm talking back when I was 15. I have a thing for chiffon and cute sleeves - this top/dress fits that bill perfectly! I bought this as a dress from Sydney's Paddy's Market. It had a ruffled hem which made tucking into jeans very difficult, but worn as dress looked odd. So with a stitch picker in hand I unpicked the hem and re-hemmed the dress. It is now far too short to be worn as a dress but perfect for a top :)

I love the sleeves on this top and the cut of the neckline. It sits very nicely :)
Chiffon makes all looks just that little bit more feminine :)
Top: Purchased @ Paddy's Markets
Skirt: Sportsgirl
Cuff Bracelet / Ring: Samantha Wills (c/o Aprilia Love)

- margaret

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