Tuesday, February 21, 2012

arm party.

Arm parties and ring parties are all the rage at the moment. I first noticed the trend on Morgan Joanel from Mojo Made and loved the edgy look they provided however it wasn't a look I was ready to adopt until now. Those who know me or have watched me long enough know I'm always a late bloomer when it comes to trends and once again I'm late to this trend, but somewhat still within the lifetime of the trend :) improvement!

This was my first attempt at an arm party. What do you reckon?
I wore this outfit last Sunday as I hung out and had a drink or two with friends. I'm definitely making the best of my holidays. Only two week until I start up uni again so expect a depleted amount of blog posts, but an increase amount of markets :)
Shirt & Singlet: Cotton On
Necklace: Gift from my cousin
Bracelet (mixed): Cotton On, Retro Star & random pieces collected over years

Arm party with a Pandora in the mix :)
Picture courtesy of Mojo Made

Arm party and ring party :)
Picture courtesy of Mojo Made
- margaret

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  1. Love all the parties haha :) I always forget to accessorise when I leave the house.. cos I'm so rushed in the morning, I barely have time to do my makeup let alone pick out what jewellery to wear so I usually only end up with the bare minimum!!


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