Monday, January 2, 2012

from melbourne to sydney.

Right now I'm in my last few hours of being in Melbourne, and what better way of finishing than with a coffee and blueberry bagel in hand blogging in the 40˚ Melbourne heat with no airconditioning. Wearing a black maxi dress, as sheer as it is, was a poor choice on my behalf - but it looks oh so good! I'm currently utilising the free wifi with my coffee down at Hudsons Coffee, which we don't have up in Sydney. They even have a TGI Fridays here! Let's just say, despite the extreme bipolar weather, Melbourne is looking very move-worthy.

Recently I've been introduced to the world of Wong Fu Productions and I'm addicted! Not to mention there's a pretty good looking lead in these short films - that's a lot coming from me, I usually don't find Asian guys attractive! These guys illustrate the truths in situations we choose to ignore. One of the videos that have stuck with me since my introduction over a week ago is the Just A Nice Guy three parter. Being newly single, this video struck a soft spot but it's true. The moral of the story: when you choose to date someone there is only two ways it will end, either you marry them or you break up with them. Obviously in this day and age you don't HAVE to marry them, you can choose to become de facto or what not, but it's pretty much the same idea, you dedicate your everything to them. Watch this three parter below. Their other videos are also a very good watch, I haven't seen them all but I plan to :)

Dress: Cotton On

- margaret

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