Monday, January 30, 2012

autumn staples.

As the weather in Sydney attempts to transition from a sunny summer to a humid yet cool summer-to-autumn there are few pieces I'm looking to get my hands on before the cooler weather hits properly.

1. Collared Shirt Blouse
I've always loved collared shirts. They're so versatile! You can use them for going to work or dress them up for a more fashionable look. The colours to get at the moment are: nude or white, pastel or bold colours. There's definitely a few colours I have in mind, and by the looks of it within the next month or so I will have a huge collection of collared shirts. Luckily they're a staple and not a trend :)
Note: the best thing is, you can get different kinds of collars. Whether it's peter pan ones, or exaggerated ones like the white shirt pictured on the right.
P.S: (oh so many notes on these!) At the moment, sheer is in! Whether you wear your sheer blouse with a black bra or white, just make sure it stays couth :)
Colours I'm getting: Nude, white, cyan blue, magenta pink, black and printed!

2. Round Neck Knit Jumpers
I've been very skeptical about pairing the shirt blouse with round neck jumpers as I worry I'll look too preppy and be mistaken for a school girl. However! As the ever inspiring Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage illustrates this is not always the case. Pair your collared blouse with a round neck can be oh so amazing! Whether you button it all the way to the top, which I've finally begun to do, or wear it open collared the look is so easily achieved! I've been loving the button to the top + statement necklace look recently :)
Sorry that blurb had nothing to do with the jumper, ok, back to the jumpers. Block basic colours like black or red can never go wrong, but what I've been seeing more this season is the return of the horizontal stripes. I've heard rumours of horizontal stripes causing the torso to look wider, but but BUT if you pair that with a nice coat it cuts it all off and lets you keep you gorgeous figure :)
Jumpers I'm getting: Black, red, horizontal stripes and grey!

3. Kimono Cape Jackets
I've noticed these floating around EVERYWHERE. The first I saw of it was donned by the gorgeous Morgan Joanel in her video 'Devil's In The Detail'. Although she calls it more a batwing cape, I like to think it draws its inspiration from geishas :) The one below looks a lot like the Azuki one Morgan wears and is from Dorothy Perkins and is super cheap! YAY! I love the mix of lace in the one by Azuki and Dorothy Perkins, however, there are a vast array of prints being used for these kimono capes.
Kimonos I'm getting: Black (possibly with lace), floral printed and anything else I can find!

4. Felt Floppy Wide Brim Hats
When this trend first came out I was excited, but I've never been a hat person. Possibly a beanie in winter, but that was it. FINALLY I've come to my senses and got my hands on a felt hat, and not too late! The felt floppy hats are still hot for the coming autumn. I don't know how often I'll get to wear mine considering most of my time will be spent in uni classrooms, but I will do my darn bestest to fit this cute accessory into my outfits :)

P.S: Yep, I draw a lot of inspiration from Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage. She's definitely one of my style icons :)

autumn staples.

Open printed collared blouse with knit jumper :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage

Open collared with bold round neck top :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage

Buttoned up collared blouse with stripped knit :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage

The bold colour collared blouse :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage

Double peter pan collar blouse with grey knit jumper :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage

Buttoned up collared blouse with statement necklace :)
Picture courtesy of Gary Pepper Vintage
- margaret

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  1. oh I love her style too! wearing jumper over shirt is such simple way to look stunning in weather like that,plus,add some colours to brighten up the day! :D


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