Saturday, December 17, 2011

struggle at opeth.

Firstly, how fantastic is this tank? It's part of Morgan Joanel's capsule collection released through Azuki. The design that's printed on it is from her video clip "Devil's In The Detail" and I LOVE IT!

I rocked this look last night to my favourite band, Opeth's gig. That tattoo that's in my inner arm on my bicep is their logo. They are amazing! They're metal but they have an orchestral and theatrical element which is balanced amazingly. They use unusual orchestral instruments such as the cor anglais which is a rather random instrument to have as part of a metal track. They constantly exceed their previous album and constantly surprise and progress. Anyway, all in all, they are amazing. Check out their latest album Heritage.

I am obsessed with my red lipstick! I wear it so often now, I feel naked without it on. It brightens everything up :)
I wear Shiseido lipstick in the shade of Perfect Red (RD514).

 Top: Mojo Made for Azuki
Jacket: Forever 21
Bra: Elle McPherson Intimates
Shoes: Dr Martens (available @ General Pants)

- margaret

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