Tuesday, December 27, 2011

melbourne day two.

My second day in Melbourne started off with breakfast at a very cute joint called Tropicana and it was amazing! At first my friend and I overlooked this little joint with bags and bags of oranges hanging out the front, but after walking past the patrons tucking into their breakfast we couldn't resist but join in. I ordered a juice and waffles with ice-cream and maple syrup. The juice was amazing! I don't know exactly what was in it but it was the house special and recommended to both of us.

After polishing off a nice breakfast we walked off to do a nice big day of shopping. Just round the corner from the cafe was JB HI-FI where I spent a fair amount of money on CDs. There was a nice big discount on everything and I couldn't help but get a heap of CDs for the future car I plan on getting in 2012 :)

I bought a nice stack of books after the JB HI-FI adventure which was followed by a fantastic purchase at Cotton On where I was served by a very cute guy who surprised me with a discount! The maxi dress I got (which I plan on wearing very soon) was no longer $49.99 but $10. Talk about snagging a discount!

The winner of Mojo Made's Ultimate Fashion Giveaway has been announced. Check out who the winner is HERE!

This blouse is another find from my attic raid :)
Top: Vintage (mum's closet/attic)
Necklace: Colette
Heels: eBay

- margaret

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  1. Love your outfit! Especially your blouse. Sounds like Melbourne is fun!

    xx maggie


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