Wednesday, December 28, 2011

melbourne day three.

I can't believe my trip is already half over! (Albeit the lesser half...) Today I spent my first solo day in a foreign place (it really isn't that foreign) and actually quite enjoyed it! For those who know me well, I don't like to be on my own, I enjoy company, but today I found so much to do and had a lot of fun!

I started off my day with a coffee and blueberry bagel (my favourite!) from Starbucks then I spent the rest of my day in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. The first shop I stepped into was Typo. For those who aren't Australian Typo is a stationary store filled with magical wonders. I have an addiction to stationary and what better way to kick of the day than to buy a lovely leather buffalo journal! And once again to my surprise there was a unwritten discount on it. Instead of paying $14.99 I only paid $5!!!! BARGAIN!! I got some lovely ink pens from Kikki K to match the gorgeous-ness of the journal :) The adventures continued in Rogues where I got my hands on a well discounted All About Eve tank top :)

I finished the day with a good flick on my own. Haven't been to the pictures in so long it was bizarre, but I remember why I don't go as often especially during school holidays - the constant chattering between young kids throughout the whole movie. I wonder what I was like at their age...

These shorts was the first thing I purchased as I left Sydney. I got them at the airport while we were waiting for the flight :) I've always wanted a pair of denim cut offs but hesitated to buy any, but after trying these babies on I couldn't help but buy them!

Hope you're all enjoying your post-Christmas festivities! I'm looking forward to New Years Eve. Don't know what the plans are just yet, maybe I should really look into any gigs going on before it's all sold out!

Dress worn as a top: All About Eve (General Pants Co.)
Shorts: Billabong
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarers (Sunglass Hut)
Hair: Courtesy of Steph from A Certain Elpis

- margaret

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