Thursday, December 29, 2011

melbourne day three and a half.

This blogpost is broken into two parts: music & fashion. Enjoy!

Last night I headed out to Cookie/The Toff for a drink or two and a gig. I have never been to a local gig before and let me tell you this won't be the last! I met two lovely gentlemen at Cookies while I waited for the doors to open (I'm always far too early to things...) where we exclaimed at the size of the daiquiri. I should've taken a photo - if I go back I definitely will. For a mere $19.50 I got a beer-bong size of strawberry goodness!

After I downed that rather large beverage I headed upstairs to the Toff in Town where I awaited the performance of three Melbourne acts: Albert SaltSnowy Belfast and Tessa & The Typecast. They performed in that order - Tessa & The Typecast (T&T) being the main act. I was amazed by the local talent! All three mixed string instruments such as the violin (Albert Salt), double bass (Snowy Belfast) and the cello (both Snowy Belfast and T&T). I LOVE string instruments, especially in genres where you don't expect them - it gives the piece the perfect balance. I won't get into that too much...I can feel the musician in me trying to tell you all about the tone and texture of the pieces.

I hurried home after the gig to download T&T's EP Lemons and Albert Salt's album Dearest Stranger. Snowy Belfast were amazing, but not really my type of music. However it was great seeing them play live and definitely worth watching. The lead singer (who is female, yay!) plays and sing with amazing amounts of energy, which is fantastic to see! Note, all three are unsigned and can be heard on Triple J (I wish I had a radio down here...I'm missing the hottest 100!)

'Painter' by Tessa & the Typecast from Leo Baker on Vimeo

Now onto the fashion side of things...(this has become an amazingly long post.) I nabbed (ie. nicked/stole/"borrowed") this Beatles tank from my best friend Steph from A Certain Elpis (she's already missing half her closet thanks to me...slightly exaggerated...) the necklace is also her's. The tank is from this amazing vintage store in Melbourne called the Retro Star and let's just say the moment I stepped foot in there I was overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed the only this I stepped out of the store with is the silver bangle...I will definitely go back there before I leave to do a proper search for pieces :)

P.S: Melbourne weather is AMAZING at the moment. As in it's about 100x better than the Sydney weather I left behind, which for those who aren't Australian is extremely rare. Melbourne is notorious for it's freezing cold temperatures and constant rain, but this time, I've been treated so well. Thanks Mr Melbourne weather!

Top: my friend's (Retro Star)
Shorts: Billabong (Sydney Domestic Airport)
Necklace: my friend's
Bracelet: Vintage (Retro Star)

- margaret


  1. I agree, local Aussie talent is really amazing (and that's said without a shred of bias on my part). Love the and song and clip for "Painter", vibrant colours and cute song <3
    might be going down to Melbs next yr, will definitely check out Retro Star :D the bangle does look very cool! and wow the amount of stuff in that store is overwhelming. will probably spend an entire day there haha :P

  2. love the denim shorts and lipstick gal :) very nice !



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