Saturday, December 31, 2011

melbourne day six - new years eve.

Last post of the year! How exciting!! I'm looking forward to 2012 - a new year means a new start which means you can reinvent yourself in any way you wish (although you can do this at any point in time - the new year is a strikingly good time for it). 2011 had it's hurdles but amongst those hurdles were seeds sowed for 2012 and now I have much to look forward to! 2012 will also mark the last year of my degree so that is very exciting, but daunting all the same.

Every year I try to have a little list of new year resolutions - a lot of the time they last much longer than the 1 month time frame. This year, I have only a few resolutions:
  • become more confident
  • seize all opportunities
  • try new things
Pretty achievable I reckon. They're more to build on myself than anything else. Do you have a new years resolution?

This skirt is the one I got from Design A Space. The material is AMAZING! Not to mention the brown hemming makes this skirt oh so chic. I fell in love with the buttons too. All in all a perfect full skirt - not to mention it was half price!
(This look could've done with a splash of red lipstick....)

Dress worn as a top: All About Eve (General Pants)
Skirt: Her Pony (Design A Space)

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  1. I adore your skirt.


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