Monday, December 26, 2011

melbourne day one.

After an early arrival at Sydney Domestic Airport and a bit of shopping in the airport shops, followed by an hour odd flight I arrived in Melbournia :)
My best friend Steph from A Certain Elpis and I quickly checked in and hit up the town for a bite and lots of Boxing Day shopping spree.

First stop, Laura Ashley where I scored an AMAZING peter pan collar fitted blazer jacket :) It was half price! This was followed by many other bits and bops that will be making it's way into posts while I'm here in Melbourne :)

This trip to Melbourne is not only time for me to take lots of pretty outfit posts, but also for me to get to know my camera a little better and get use to all it's settings. I got this baby (Nikon D3100) for Christmas last year, but have not had the time to muck around with it's settings and get use to it, especially in manual mode. So expect to see a lot of me getting to know my camera photos :)

Remember that attic adventure I went on? Well this blouse is another amazing piece I found up there!
I scored these grey loafers during a late night pre-Christmas shop with my best friend Becky. This necklace was also scored during that adventure to the shops.

Top: Vintage (mum's closet/attic)
Bottoms: Nudie Jeans (General Pants)
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: Colette
Belt: Vintage

- margaret

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  1. really loving that funky necklace from Colette! I'm glad you found some gems on Boxing, the day was way too hectic, hot and crowded for me to find anything :P ugh and the chocolate dessert is making me drool. just started following your amazing blog, post more! :D


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