Friday, December 30, 2011

melbourne day four.

Today my best friend Steph from A Certain Elpis and I hit up the renown Brunswick St, Fitzroy for shopping with more of a vintage feel. Let's just say after the walk to and from Brunswick St, then the street itself Steph and I could walk no more. There are simply SO many shops to browse through there, it's actually insane! I bought a lovely large clasp purse bag from Dangerfield which I needed to fit my DSLR and purse in. I was sort of sick of carrying the actual camera bag around - not very practical or fashion friendly. I also got my mits on a gorgeous skirt by Her Pony from a very cute art gallery-esque boutique called Design A Space. Both these amazing items were half price! BARGAIN!

After walking down only half of Brunswick St we decided mutually it was time to plonk down and have a cider/beer and enjoy a bit of food. Remember the older gentlemen I met at the bar/restaurant Cookie a few nights back? Well, they recommended I check out this place on Brunswick St called the Little Creatures and lucky me, I just happened to stumble into it as Steph and I craved a break. We enjoyed a lovely cider and a bowl of chips with garlic aioli. This was followed by a giant pizza which we eventually polished off. With our bellies bloated with fantastic food we continued down Brunswick St and eventually made the long trek home where we cold no longer move.

(Just realised how much this blog post sounds like a narrative more than anything else...)

Below are some of the photos I took of Albert Salt, Snowy Belfast and Tessa & The Typecast - forgot to pop them in the last blog. But I guess that's a good thing considering the last post's length :)

Necklace: Lovisa
Bracelet: Retro Star Vintage
Playsuit: Forever New

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